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The NeurIPS 2024 Creative AI Track

NeurIPS 2024 Creative AI Track

Tue Dec 10, 2024 – Fri Dec 13, 2024 (Conference Sessions of NeurIPS 2024 Meeting Dates)

Vancouver, Canada

header image Image credit: Fencing Hallucination (2023), by Weihao Qiu

Following last year’s incredible success, we are thrilled to announce the NeurIPS 2024 Creative AI track. We invite research papers and artworks that showcase innovative approaches of artificial intelligence and machine learning in art, design, and creativity.

Focused on the theme of “Ambiguity”, this year’s Creative AI track seeks to highlight the multifaceted and complex challenges brought forth by the application of AI to both promote and challenge human creativity. We welcome submissions that: question the use of private and public data; consider new forms of authorship and ownership; challenge notions of ‘real’ and ‘non-real’, as well as human and machine agency; and provide a path forward for redefining and nurturing human creativity in this new age of generative computing.

We particularly encourage works that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to propose new forms of creativity and human experience. Submissions must present original work that has not been published or is not currently being reviewed elsewhere.

Important Dates:

Call for Papers and Artworks

Call for Papers (posters)

We invite submissions for research papers that propose original ideas or novel uses of AI and ML for creativity. The topics of research papers are not restricted to the theme of ambiguity. Please note that this track will not be part of the NeurIPS conference proceedings. If you wish to publish in the NeurIPS proceedings please submit your paper directly to the main track.

To submit: We invite authors to submit their papers. A paper submission should follow these requirements:

Call for Artworks

Since we realize that NeurIPS is not a traditional venue for showing artwork, here is some context. NeurIPS is a well-known and prestigious AI/ML conference that tens of thousands researchers from academia and industry attend every year. Selected artworks at the Creative AI track will be presented on large display screens at the conference, and the artists will have the opportunity to interact with the NeurIPS research community to germinate more collaborative ideas.

We invite the submission of creative work that showcases innovative use of AI and ML. We highly encourage the authors to conceptually focus on this year’s theme of “Ambiguity”. We invite submissions in all areas of creativity including visual art, music, performing arts, film, design, architecture, writing, poetry, and more.

The final submission format will be a 3-minute video. Some folks choose to use the video as an explainer video of their artwork with voiceover, whereas other people choose to just have the video showcase the artwork itself. Both approaches are welcome.

To submit: We invite authors to submit their original work. An artwork submission requires the following:

Single-blind review policy

Conference policy

If a work is accepted at least one author/artist must purchase a Conference & Tutorials registration and attend in person. For pricing visit the pricing page. For registration information visit the registration page. The location of the conference is Vancouver and the authors/artists are responsible for their travel arrangements and expenses. The conference does not provide travel funding. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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